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Déjà vu

You meet someone, or go somewhere new, and within a split second you realize that a person or place looks very familiar. This is when you consciously assume that it could only be the result of some inexplicable phenomenon, as you have never met this person – or been to this place before.  In reality what happened here was that during those first few seconds, “human time” of your conscious mind, your subconscious mind experienced it at ‘atomic-time’, which is like hours in relation to your conscious mind. It literally had almost all the time in the world to analyze the data present at the scene. Your subconscious mind being ahead of the conscious moment, for various reasons, became excited about this specific scene and then unintentionally starts to spills some of this information ahead of the moment of awareness to your conscious mind, which then in turn interprets it as familiar ground when actually experienced for a second time.

Without being able to explain this through conscious behavior, your conscious mind comes to the conclusion that it could only be because you have met this person before – or having been in a certain place before. Depending on your knowledge about evolution, it might even be perceived as an experience from a previous lifetime (reincarnation). Reincarnation most certainly is part and parcel of our existence but there is a huge difference between a previously life experience and a subliminal moment.

Keep in mind that the actual physical moment of occurrence is way ahead of the moment of awareness which we experience as the real moment of occurrence. Because the subconscious mind was excited by a specific scene, it will jump the queue with this data like an excited little boy, passing this data on to the conscious mind as a subliminal moment. Moments later, when you experience the actual conscious moment, but for a second time, you will be left totally confused. Stand in a queue to buy a movie ticket and when you’re number six in line, then quickly jump the queue, buy a ticket and get back in line. When you eventually get to buy your second ticket you will certainly enjoy the confused look on the cashiers face.

The very first humans who experienced a déjà vu moment would also have been puzzled by this experience. Eventually as humans became more intelligent, someone suddenly had a “eureka” moment. He figured that if he had never visited the place in his experience, it must be that one returns one way or the other after death, and so the seed of reincarnation was born, or rather the realization thereof.

As such let’s now define Déjà vu.

Déjà vu is nothing other than a moment of awareness jumping the queue only to reappear once again moments later.