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At some point in our lives we all need to make a decision.

When an opportunity arrives only you can make that decision. Freedom of choice which should be embraced by each and every mortal is what allows you to either let the opportunity pass you by or to grab on with all your might. Without the freedom of choice even your freedom of thought will become entangled in the web of the thoughts of others slowly but surely turning you into a Mandroid. “Human android” You can decide to keep the door closed and keep on living in a world full of mysteries which might be the right thing for you to do. Alternatively you could choose to open up Pandora’s Box, but from which there is no return. This might also be the right thing to do, but then only so if for the right reasons.

Sometimes it is easier to leave it up to others to do your thinking, defining the outcome of your perceived realities. At least this way you can hold on to believing in the truths that you grew up with based on the thoughts and ideas of others without stepping on someone’s toe. This way everything you think and do is not as a direct result of your own doing, conveniently placing you in the comfort zones of humanity.


But be warned!

As my friend Clayton has so nicely pointed out; once the door is opened it can never be closed. We can offer you the KEY to opening your mind and discover the truth behind the realities of our existence which will enable you to think in a way never thought possible. 

Before you decide whether to pursue our theory or not, at least read and absorb “The Theatres of Consciousness” which should give you a taste of our realities.