Visualization of Reality
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#1 You Must Open Your Heart

Your religious and spiritual beliefs can coexist in a world where individualism itself forms an integral part of something much greater existing on a higher level. The obvious exception would be if your religious or spiritual beliefs gave intent to harm another human.


#2 You Must Seek the Truth

By rejecting something purely because it does not relate to your current believe systems will most definitely stand in your way of making a true judgmental call. All that’s required from you is to have the desire to gain a real understanding relating to the realities of our existence. Having such a desire will require that you put aside everything that you have ever been taught and carefully study all that I have to offer.


#3 You Don’t Need To Be A Scientist To Understand This Theory.

What you are about to be exposed to will most definitely need time to mature in your mind as it’s a new concept unlike anything you’ve ever been exposed to or heard of before. It’s extremely important that you should read and conceptualize this theory from the very beginning and not skip to any sections as it will probably lead to a misunderstanding and confusion.


#4 Scientifically Sound Theory

Although I did not include all of the hundreds of scientific references to those that so deserve, rest assured my theory came from 25 years of personal researching and a painstaking search for the truth. My theory holds its ground on its own but I am totally ready for debate. Also note, this theory deserves further research and exploration to its applications.


#5 Enjoy the Journey

Take your time and explore. Utilize what you learn and do some personal research. The next time you see a bird fly and land flawlessly on a tiny tree branch you just might know its secret. You will begin to see everything has its purpose in its own world part of a bigger world.


#6 Acknowledgments

Acknowledgement is given to all of those that so deserve. Never has nor ever will any-one human being be capable of any noteworthy discovery without having trampled upon the very hard build foundations constructed from the sweat, blood, tears, debate and thoughts of others. It’s only through the unified thoughts of humanity that any achievements became possible.

As I can only account for myself I Tribute all the Glory to my Creator without whom my search for the truth would have been futile and meaningless.

We all are equally important to the whole of humanity no matter how different we are? Whether we are rich, poor, overweight, short, shy, disfigured, mentally disabled, beautiful, smart, slow learner, brilliant, we all have a higher purpose period. Once you start to understand my theory it will become obvious what you need to do. Your perception will change from me to us.