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What is Time really?


By questioning the realities of time I’m searching for a much deeper understanding than what Einstein’s theory of relativity is capable of explaining. This is a critical question that yet remains to be answered in a meaningful and understandable way. As such, where on the scale of time are we as humans in relation to our awareness? Allow me to justify my question. Being human our whole existence is based on seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years etc… But should we really contemplate time at this scale just because we happen to fall into this spectrum of time. To better understand where I’m heading let’s first look at some of our perceptive capabilities.


Arguably we could say that humans can reasonably contemplate and relate to time ranging from within the range of seconds to years. Anything beneath or beyond these boundaries becomes more difficult to comprehend and relate to. If we look at the flicker fusion rate of humans ranging from about 60 frames per second in bright light to about 25 frames per second in dim light then we can safely assume that 25 – 60 frames per second is more or less our perceptive capabilities of vision relating to movement, and yet other species are far beyond and or above these. Any movements above this rate will be as if it never occurred. Further more we are capable of observing light in the region of 400 – 700 nm once again depriving us the ability to observe the light spectrum beyond these boundaries but yet some animal species are capable of exceeding these boundaries by far. As for our hearing capabilities, it falls in the range of about 64 – 23,000 hertz once more depriving us from hearing sounds beyond those boundaries and once more observable by other species. We are not even beginning to comprehend the fact that there is different frequency range of touch as well, hence sensing the vibrations at the lower levels of the atomic world which is only perceivable amongst viruses and cells. All of these differences within the observational abilities of our senses and beyond fall within the constraints of our subconscious minds. Even our rate of thinking and comprehension falls within very specific boundaries of our conscious minds being totally different from other species. This brings us to the big question! Could we any longer afford to assume that the whole universe is playing of at the rate of a human’s perceptive capability, or should we seriously reconsider exactly where we really fit in on the spectrum of cosmic time? Each and every level of consciousness is subjected to limitations constrained within very specific boundaries. These are boundaries than can only be crossed through the unification of consciousness and by no other means at all.


Time is subjective to nothing not even to itself.


To better understand the concept between different levels of awareness we need to understand the realities of time. To be able to really understand time we need to compare it to the speed of light at the atomic level within the constraints of atomic durations of work performed. As such we need to look at a single photon in relation to distance traveled along the circumference of a hydrogen atom. Time is subjective to nothing not even to itself other than being a medium of integrity that can be used for comparing the durations of work performed between the different levels of realities or awareness’s.


Time is sequential.


There is no way of going back or forth in time as it is a sequential event. As such any one moment in time on a linear axis can only be experienced once during that specific moment in time. Once the moment is gone it’s gone forever other than becoming a memory. Time can be directly related to the speed of light in outer space which is a constant and as such there is no way of speeding it up or slowing it down other than light itself. The reality is that the speed of light is not so fast but only our conscious awareness of the moment that has been slowed down enabling us to experience our realities in the way that we do.


Only once humanity truly gets to understand this will we get to make real progress. Not only will it help us in developing and understanding the true realities of a single unifying theory but also enable us to understand Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” from a totally new perspective.


Looking back in time by means of the Hubble Telescope through which light reaches us from a distant galaxy is nothing more than like looking at a movie. Despite us being able to see the events unfolding from moment to moment there is certainly nothing you can do to change it as it is long gone being nothing other than a moving frame of reference.


Throughout the universe all matter irrespective of shape or form hence quasars, galaxies, solar systems and all the rest is nothing more than matter transgressing through the cycles of time.


Although time cannot be altered in any way or form the perception thereof can certainly be manipulated or rather be encapsulated in such a way as to be perceived to be slowing down or speeding up. This is only accomplishable by means of the unification of consciousness along the different levels hence cycles of Evolution.  As such evolution is none other than the manipulation of time encapsulating consciousness enabling not only intelligent specie but all organic matter to embrace time as the moment of its existence. It’s for this very reason why we get to experience light to be so fast which is part and parcel of the realities experienced at our level of existence but yet experienced to be of other lasting durations across the other levels of existence.


But yet, despite evolution enabling us to embrace the moment with time occurring at the speed of light the universe still remains nothing more than a vast empty space with matter far and few between. It’s only through the encapsulation of time by means of transgressing across the levels of evolution that we are capable of embracing more than one moment fused together to create our unique realities. These are realities which differ greatly from specie to specie and even amongst the same species depending on the encapsulating abilities of the mind.


This brings us back to my claim that time is directly related to the speed of light and as such being a constant which cannot be changed. To better understand this we first need to define and understand what a moment in time really entails. A moment is nothing more than sequential units of time encapsulated into a single moment as required by the specie in question enabling it to make sense of that one single moment creating its reality. To better understand a moment of awareness we need to dwell a bit deeper into time. No matter how much or how little of time is encapsulated into a single moment of awareness the species in question will all experience a single moment as lasting of the same duration although it consists of different units of time. Any moment being nothing other than a moment of awareness is where a unified collection of data ranging across different levels of consciousness has been captured over a period of time to create the moment of reality which has literally come full circle. Then finally by transparencing the encapsulated unified moments of time are we enabled to make sense of our realities by virtue of sensing it across a specific duration.


As such a fly for example requiring only a limited amount of data from its environment for its survival and perceived reality will consume and encapsulate far less time into one moment of consciousness in relation to a human requiring much more data from its environment encapsulating far more units of time into one moment to create his perceived realities.


From a humans viewpoint the reaction time from a fly is extremely fast where from the perspective of the fly humans are like statues in slow motion. If this is true then a fly would experience a day as lasting far longer than that from the perspective of a human. This should also explain for example why time seems to be fleeting when our minds are engaged in mental activity and those that are idle and relaxed perceive a day to be lasting very long.


This phenomenon can easily be explained by matter of fact that to enable our minds to adapt to more demanding logical and environmental constraints it needs to encapsulate more time into a single moment. We only need to look at our visual senses and realize that different flicker fusion rates between different species as well as amongst humans exist.


Depending on which level hence cycle of evolution the specie is currently constrained within or rather passing through due to its environmental constraints is what defines the reality of the specie within a specific boundary.


Considering that time is directly related to the speed of light then we can safely advocate that a photon will always travel a set distance in a set duration of time through the vacuum of space. It’s common knowledge that a photon travels a distance of some 300,000 kilometers during one human second. We can now break this down into much smaller segments and refer to it as single units of time hence the dilation of time. To enable us to define a single unit of time we need to travel all the way down to the Planck level. At this level we can now safely define that a single photon will travel exactly one Planck distances during any one single unit of time and call it a Planck moment. By doing this we can now calculate how many Planck distances hence Plank moments a photon will cover during any one human second.


Constraints of awareness.


All species have different visual, hearing, smelling, thinking and motoric limitations, and most certainly has different perceptions of time. For this very reason alone a spectral line for the perception of time should be established.


A fly have the ability to experience about 300 moments per second by having a flicker fusion rate of about 300 per second. This would most certainly mean that it’s comprehension of time is at least five times, but more likely 12 times as fast as that of humans, or rather the truth being, as humans our comprehension of our environment is twelve times slower than that of flies. This would not only explain why flies are so fast at out maneuvering our efforts to catch it, but also why they seem to find food so fast, food that give of odors like cabbage for example. This would also mean that a day would be very long in the mind’s eye of a fly while at the same time it perceive humans to be moving twelve times as slow as to how we perceive our movements. Dogs comprehend a day about one and a half times as long as humans, and when we look at their smelling capabilities, we should also realize that although there smelling capabilities is far more advanced than ours, they also literally have much longer time available in which to make sense of the smell as if it’s being stretched out. If a human could read a book in one hour, a fly if it could would read that book twelve times over and a dog one and a half times during the same time.


Different species have a total different perception of time, and as such a different species perception of its environment and that of its existence is far more different from ours, way more than we realize. All sounds that we hear are stretched out to dogs which explain why they rather react to short sharp bursts of voice commands which are more pleasing on the ear than normal voice commands sounding all stretched out. Although we believe ourselves to be the pivotal point of existence amongst the species we are really the ones loosing out on the real essence of life.


Realities of the speed of light.


Let’s consider the speed of light being 300,000 kilometers per second. Humans having a flicker fusion rate or put another way, an awareness capability of about 25 frames per second would mean that we can observe the position of a photon of light only about once every 12,000 kilometers hence 25 single perceived segments of light each being 12,000 kilometers long. (300,000 divided by 25 equals 12,000.) Every position in between of this photon is totally lost to our perceptions. If you now consider this fact very carefully you would get to realize that our perceptive capabilities of time are very limited. Our perceptive capabilities are like a strobe light only catching very small glimpses of time in between. As such during any single moment of consciousness hence one flicker fusion rate for a human, light would travel a distance of 12,000 kilometers. On the other hand one flicker fusion rate hence a conscious moment for a fly would equal 300,000 divided by 300 having a fly see light traveling for 1,000 kilometers during any one conscious moment? At a ratio of 25 to 300 for humans versus flies everything would play of 12 times slower for a fly making our every movement very slow in the minds-eye of a fly. If we could count up to one between each stroke of a second hand, a fly would be able to count up to twelve during each stroke meaning that the second hand is moving very slow in the minds-eye of a fly. 


But this is not all. Whatever frequency band of the visual electromagnetic spectrum a fly is capable of perceiving needs to be stretched out by a factor of 12 which is the frequency that would be created in the mind of a fly.


With other words, if a fly could see the spectrum of light at a frequency of 50 nm then its mind would actually interpret it as to how humans would see a frequency at 600 nm. By carefully examining the frequency band within which a fly can see an object, then only by manipulating each and every pixel of a picture by a factor of twelve would we be able to see what a fly is really capable of seeing within its own level of reality.


Color perception.


It is common knowledge that humans differ vastly in their choice of color preference. Only by means of knowing the realities of our existence and as such making use of the correct logic will it enable us to one day gain a better understanding. If a human for example, whose perceptive capabilities are being constrained within very specific durations of time, had to differ with as little as one percent from the average, then there would be a significance difference in perceived realities. The effect would become exponentially more so if it had to differ by say 2 or 3 percent. Take any color chart based on the electromagnetic spectrum and increase each and every frequency by one, two, three or more percent and see what happens. It creates a totally different reality of vision. This is no wonder why people prefer certain colors above others. By making use of this logic and with the correct research to be done will we eventually be able to experience the realities of others. A difference of 3 percent either way would change a frequency of 500 nm to 515 nm or 485 nm. If two humans had to differ by only 3 percent from the average with the one leaning towards a negative and the other towards a positive deviance they would experience a reality indifference of six percent. This would give them a difference of 30 nm on the electromagnetic color of 500 nm. Take all of these indifference’s across all of the senses and you truly have a human experiencing his own unique reality. With the necessary research will we one day be able to categorize humans into different groups of experiencing beings but then only to enable us the freedom of socializing within a harmonized environment.




Autism is none other than the senses being experienced totally out of sync and a deviance from the average which fortunately is well within our capabilities of being rectified enabling them to experience the realities they were meant to. With the correct means of logical research this could be accomplished in almost no time at all.




In a televising show called IDOLS some singers are being laughed at for truly believing that they have a great voice supported by family members believing in them even more so. Only by understanding the deviations amongst the perceptive capabilities of humans will we one day get to truly understand this. Those singers foolishly being laughed at for believing their own voices to be pleasing is only because they truly experienced different levels of frequency encapsulation albeit at a higher or lower level of perceived reality hence the encapsulation of time. The time has arrived where humanity has to apologize to those idols for we are indeed the idiots due to a lack of understanding.


Experiencing Lightning as a different reality.


In reality it’s not light, lightning, explosions and similar occurrences that’s so fast, but rather our perception of time that’s so slow. If it could, a fly would see a lightning strike to be lasting twelve times as long across the sky and literally be able to experience the sound thereof like a wave of motion. As for a dog lightning would be traveling one and a half times as long as humans get to experience it and the sound would be stretched out one and a half times as long as well creating a totally different experience. By getting to understand this fact would allow one to start making sense of literally all phenomenon’s’ out there. At the end you will have to realize that there is only one thing responsible for the creation of all phenomenon’s which is none other than the indifferences in the encapsulation of time itself.


Slowing down our perceptions of the speed of light.


Now let’s assume that humans were capable of observing the speed of a photon at one hundred kilometer intervals. For this to happen we would need to have a flicker fusion rate of 3,000 conscious moments per second. This would make us feel like time has literally slowed down 120 times. If you now consider this very carefully, the most logical conclusion would have to be that time needs to slow down. Since we now know of better, hence that time is a constant; we should realize that such a logical conclusion could not be correct. The reality is that it is your mind that has to be accelerated by a factor of 120 to enable you to observe shorter moments in time. But then the only way to accelerate your mind would be if it was slowed down in the first place. Now that were getting somewhere we get to realize that the truth of the matter is that this can only be achieved by means of the encapsulation of time into single moments of consciousness. Note should be taken that the only way to speed up your mind is by means of encapsulating less units in time into a single moment of awareness which inevitably equates to less computing power of your mind and as such a lesser detailed experience of your environment. As such the more computing power the less our perceptive capabilities, the slower the universe seems to transgress resulting in the speed of light to be perceived of traveling a shorter distance during any one moment.


To be able to observe this photon at one meter intervals during any one of the 25 flicker fusion rates would mean that your mind will have to be accelerated 12,000,000 times giving you a flicker fusion rate of 300 million per second literally freezing up your perception of your direct environment.


Only problem is, at 300 million conscious moments per second the computing power of your mind would be very limited or even nonexistent. This is the very reason why anyone meaningful moment of our minds literally needs to consume and fuse millions of single moments of time in the first place to give our minds computing power. Without this transfusion we would not be able to comprehend anything at all except the vast empty space of the universe. At the microscopic level of time a photon merely crawls along at a pace which would make the universe last for almost all eternity having no purpose other than being the very foundation for all realities experienced along the levels of evolution by means of purposeful creation.


So there you have it, our awareness of time (conscious minds) are slowed down on purpose as to enable our conscious minds more computing power enabling us to comprehend occurrences in such a way that it makes sense. As a direct result of this, vast amounts of time are lost or rather being fused into fewer moments of awareness which allows us far greater comprehension of our environment. This is the very reason why we perceive time to go by much faster the older we get, but in reality it’s our subconscious minds continuously adjusting our perceptions of time as to allow our minds more computational power.


Time is indeed a hefty price to pay for technological and intellectual advancement which is why the older we get the faster we sense time to pass.

This raises a very important question, is it worth it?

I don’t think so but you should decide for yourselves as I can only account for myself.


In conclusion;


The more intelligent but more specifically the more technologically advancement we embrace the more time needs to be encapsulated to enable our minds the necessary computing power to experience our realities. We pay dearly for this with our precious days fleeting by stripping our life’s away. During the Stone Age humans perceived a day of a much longer lasting duration.


We can redefine the big bang as the ultimate experience of a single moment of reality encapsulated within the constraint of the alpha and the omega. As such the big bang is nothing more than all of the single moments of time having lasted for almost all eternity at the microscopic level now all encapsulated and fused into a single moment of awareness hence the moment of singularity. For this very reason the big bang can only be experienced with the unification of all consciousness across all levels of creation but yet being only one moment in the thought process of God.


I cover this in a much more detailed discussion under “Moment of Singularity”