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The origination of evolution by means of purposeful creation:

Before we proceed serious note should be taken of the following fact by means of the following analogy.

A tricycle can no more become a bicycle than a bicycle can become a motorcycle. The sole purpose of all three these cycles is to help a child riding a tricycle transgress into a teenager on a bicycle to finally become a adult riding a motorcycle. As such its not the cycles itself that transform but rather the being only using these cycles to learn lessons and accumulate experience along the way.

Evolution is certainly no exception to the rule also having different cyclic levels which has specifically been designed as the pillars upholding the higher levels of creation. Hence the sole purpose of the different levels of evolution has specifically been designed and created for the transgression of consciousness in more unified meaningful moments of awareness to experience the beauty of it all. This is the very reason why the so called missing links between the different levels of evolution has and most certainly will never be found. 

What process could possibly have initiated the fabrication of the very first cells which eventually led to life as we know it?

To better understand where the first forms of life initially came from and where evolution is taking us we seriously need to ask ourselves what life is really about. To answer this question we need to identify a similarity which should then exists amongst every single creation of evolution. Not only should this similarity be present in all forms of evolution but even be present in al forms of matter. If we could find such a similarity to exist then not only will it enable us to see where life originated from, but also where we currently are, and even more importantly, where we like everything else is heading and why. This wouldn’t only tell us more about the nature of every single organism but also reveal more about the nature of man. By discovering such a similarity, not only will we be able to make sense of our very own existence, but also get to understand our behavioral patters like never before. As such, the answers to this very simple yet important question should also be just as plain and simple.

Let’s try and identify one such a main characteristics of evolution and put it to the test.

We could start of with the assumption that the very purpose of evolution is based on the conservation of energy for the purpose of self sustainability. The universe is in abundance of energy sources and for evolution to exist it’s in dire need of these very sources of energy from the very beginning. Let’s speculate on this notion and see where it leads us.

To proof this to be true then we only need to find the very first source of matter that has been capable of absorbing and ejecting energy and we’re well on our way to find the very foundations of evolution. To find this source we need to trail back to the very beginning of the universe to help us from missing out on any of the very first important steps of evolution. A good starting point would be to look at the onset of the very first and most basic elements. The very first atom that has been created was none other than a hydrogen atom. Knowing this and with our current understanding of evolution should we even bother to try and find any justification for this atom to be the origin for the creation of evolution or should we maybe just continue in our mundane quest searching for the truth. The question is, how could a hydrogen atom possibly be capable of absorbing energy and releasing it at will and as such make it a good candidate for this prerequisite of evolution hence the absorption and conservation of energy that we are trying to justify.

This also raises another question, what does energy exactly consists of. With no need to further ponder on this question we know that a hydrogen atom is quite capable of absorbing a photon which is nothing other than a form of energy and also capable of releasing it as and when the need arises. It’s also common knowledge that hydrogen is capable of absorbing more than just one photon resulting in obesity. But then, if this is to hold true, a simple hydrogen atom and all other forms of life including that of humans should have some common nature of inheritance which should reflect even more so within the nature of humans despite existing on a much more complex and larger scale.

As such, all forms of life no matter what should reflect the characteristic hence the capability of absorbing energy and releasing what is no longer needed by means of some sort of digestive system no matter how primitive or complex. Obesity as in the hydrogen atom is one of the characteristics of the conservation of energy.

Like as is the nature of a hydrogen atom, this is none other than a human’s ability to over indulge in food, in exactly the same way a hydrogen atom can consume more than one photon. As absurd as this might sound, this is the most important prerequisite for the very foundations of evolution which will become quite evident in due course making it not seem as absurd as it may sound at first.

For us to get to better understand evolution and strengthen our theory, we now need to look at yet another question that should be raised and answered based on what we have discovered so far.

Why would the very foundation upon which evolution exists require not only the absorption of sufficient energy for self sustainability but also require a need in the form of greed to store more energy than needed hence obesity, despite a energy source from which to consistently feed of.

“Why put away food for a month if you have access to fresh produce on a daily basis”.

This is a very important aspect and yet another one of the key ingredients for evolution, enabling it to conserve enough energy to help it migrate through desolate areas being deprived of energy. This is based on a greed which is nothing other than the need to keep on consuming more and more energy until such a time that it is capable of extending its reach across desolate areas enabling it to discover new sources of energy to feed on. As such without the ability to accumulate essential energy sources the very first forms of life would literally have remained imprisoned within the constraints of its environment.

Let’s once again test this key characteristic of evolution against the characteristics which is deeply imbedded within human nature being nothing other than the need for greed and self indulgence. This is why humans without their own doing will always feel the need to greedily accumulate more than what is necessary for their own immediate survival. They will keep on doing so even at the expense of others. This is the very driving force behind the need for the accumulation of wealth creating a false impression of security. It is also the very reason why most of us for most of the time are totally oblivious to the needs of others. This is also why the cries of those in desperation will literally fall on deaf ears. This very characteristic of evolution is also why the Honey Bee stores more honey than it can consume during it’s own lifetime which we like other species too eagerly take advantage of.

The very creation of evolution started many thousands of years ago or should I rather say a few billion years ago. If self indulgence in the form of absorbing matter for the purpose of self sustainability is true then it should also surface in every aspect of life.  

This is very evident in the anatomy of humans and everything else for that matter. Any digestive or absorption system no matter whether it exists in plant or animal life, or within the constraints of a hydrogen atom, this is none other than a different means of absorbing energy, use what’s needed, and then store the rest. 

As evolution progressed, the digestive systems of organisms became more and more complex hence larger fuel tanks enabling it to expand its horizons, taking it further and further into the unknown.

This now brings us to yet another main characteristic of evolution which is none other than curiosity based on the need to find new sources of energy.

This is also quite evident in the inherent nature of humans having migrated all over the planet over the centuries by which ever means they could have construed constantly being driven by a deep desire from within. Space exploration for the purpose of migration is such a last frontier which will yet be found to be a futile attempt. We will sooner than later get to realize that this is a frontier that cannot be crossed in the current context of human understanding, serving no more purpose than two unborn fetuses wanting to swap their individual mothers wombs. The question that immediately comes to mind is why it would be futile to cross the frontiers of space.

Let’s look at yet another important characteristic of evolution which is unification. Without unification all the elements of matter we would have remained single entities and not even a single molecule would have been created. As such all atoms being the very essence of evolution can only take place through unification. As such all levels of individuality only forms part of the next level ultimately being part of a greater purpose towards a greater cause. Just as atoms play its individual role in the construction of a unified molecule, molecules in turn play individual roles in a unified cell which in turn plays part of higher forms of life.

From a human perspective existing on a higher level of awareness, the way we perceive our very own existence in relation to planet Earth is no different as to how a virus perceives its very own existence within our anatomies being on a much lower level.

In the same way we perceive a virus as a parasite feeding off the human anatomy, the universe perceives us as parasites living off planet Earth. This holds true for each and every planet which we as earthlings are yet to discover, but already occupied by other forms of life.  To think that any life form can only exist in a similar environment to that of earth is based on nothing more than the egocentric believe of humanity believing them to be unique. To believe that life is only capable of existing within the likes of earth but especially thinking that we are unique is nothing short of arrogance, short sightedness and egocentrism.


Egocentric Individualistic Entities.

Each and every organism at a lower level plays an integral role in the formation of a higher level of creation. If it had to insist on its own little egocentric individualistic being, then its very own creation would serve no purpose. This pyramid of unification certainly does not end with humans being far from the top. Across all levels of unified awareness time is the unified summation hence the accumulation of the sum of all that is part and parcel from within. As such individualism can only exist with the acknowledgement that its very existence is based on the unification of lower levels of individualism but yet in itself only forms an integral part of something much greater existing on a higher level. Once you get to realize this it would make you acutely aware that by treating individuals on the same level of existence as yourself with disrespect and in an ill manner you as an entity are nothing more than a cancerous cell. As such you are a danger to that which exists on a higher level standing against the very purpose of evolution and becomes a threat for its survival. Only by eradicating these cancerous entities can evolution be safeguarded towards a higher level of existence.

This raises yet another important question. What would differentiate a hydrogen atom from a human if a hydrogen atom is indeed an integral yet individual role player in the unified construction of a human? What would justify the unification of matter in the first place for the creation of any form of evolution? The only possible answer could be to create different levels of unified awareness sustained upon the different levels of unified consciousness, all of which yet only forms part of a unified cosmic consciousness to eventually fulfill a higher purpose.

We will not even try to start of from the Planck level and as such not complicate things. As a matter of interest, the further we dwell into the micro and by far surpassing the Planck level we will inevitably only end up at the outer boundaries of our cosmos. Unfortunately this is a concept that very few will ever be able to comprehend. “Cosmic Entanglement of Consciousness”

For reasons of simplicity we will regard the hydrogen atom to be the smallest and lowest level of evolution, “which it is not”. As such we will assume it to contain or rather host the lowest level of consciousness hence one unit of awareness. As individual units of awareness, hence individual hydrogen atoms are being unified into greater levels of unified awareness it evolves across the membranes of a spherical spectrum. This can be compared to the peeling of an onion from the inside out creating different layers of consciousness which equates to a higher unified level of consciousness. Awareness equates to consciousness being one and the same thing. In the same way that a drop of water merely forms part of a wave a single unit of awareness only forms part of a greater level of awareness. It amazes me that in the English language by virtue of only 26 characters we can literally create trillions of stories, but yet at the microscopic level with unlimited possibilities of combinations of matter conceived through consciousness we dare doubt the realities thereof. Consciousness is the very essence of the creation of matter and not the other way round.


Time is subjective to nothing not even to itself.

To better understand the concept between different levels of awareness we need to understand the realities of time. To be able to really understand time we need to compare it to the speed of light at the atomic level within the constraints of atomic durations of work performed. As such we need to look at a single photon in relation to distance traveled along the circumference of a hydrogen atom. Time is subjective to nothing not even to itself other than being a medium of integrity that can be used for comparing the durations of work performed between the different levels of realities or awareness’s.