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The Realities of Autism.

The exact causes of Autism until this day remain unknown other than a lot of speculation amongst humanity and the scientific community trying desperately to solve the problem. It is a known fact that autism is escalating amongst humanity and as such is in dire need of a cure.

There is research pointing to time perception problems. Once you consider these studies and then consider Bushy’s theory as well, one would conclude an obvious connection that deserves more research. Google “Time Perception Autism” and you will find several links that reference studies pointing to perception issues that cannot be explained. One study shows individuals with Autism are less accurate at assessing the length of a tone. They also tend to overestimate short tones and underestimate long tones, and their responses vary across a broader range compared with those of the control group.  Autism may be none other than the senses being experienced totally out of sync which fortunately is well within our capabilities of being rectified enabling them to experience the realities they were meant to. With the correct logical and related research this could be accomplished in almost no time at all.

With a possible new understanding of Autism from a different perspective comes a new light of hope. The major paradigm shift will be that more people, millions more, will now see a person with Autism from a totally different view point. Not so different than of a person wearing corrective glasses or hearing aids. More so than any research that will take place; a shift in perception is a priceless for the families and family members with Autism.