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Theatres of Consciousness.



For this we need to make use of the following analogy.


You are invited to go and watch some of the Olympic events. When you arrive at the entrance to the arena you discover that a fly is first in line followed by a dog and than yourselves. Moments later an elephant queues up behind you. The doorman then informs all of you that there is a condition attached to your invitations. A camera has to be attached to your minds which will record every single moment of your conscious awareness which can be replayed to reveal how different species get to experience their realities of the Olympics. All agree and later that day returns the recording devices before going home.

A week later you and three of your friends are invited to come and watch a film from the Olympics based on the different perceptions of the species. On your arrival you discover that there’s no less that four Theaters, each one showcasing a different show of reality. You all decide that each one should watch a different reality show.


Outside the Theaters a sign reads.

Upon entry of any Theater in question your mind will be altered to experience the reality at the timeframe of the specie in question. These movies have been recorded according to the flicker fusion rate of the specie in question.


Above each Theater is a different name.

Theater One:   The Olympics from the minds-eye of a fly.

Theater Two:   The Olympics from the minds-eye of a dog.

Theater Three: The Olympics from the minds-eye of a human.

Theater Four:   The Olympics from the minds-eye of an elephant.


Theater One:

In Theater one which you decided to enter you are amazed to discover that all of the Olympic events are playing of twelve times as slow as to how you saw it, after all you were there. Not only are you now capable of seeing each and every muscle of the athletes twitching back and forth in minute detail playing of so slow giving you enough time to absorb literally every perceivable moment. The events of a girl spilling her drink onto her mothers lap amazes you as to why the mother could not have seen it coming and prevent it. After all, from you perspective you would have been able to react in time with almost all the time in the world to stop it. You occasionally look at your watch realizing that time is ticking by at a very slow rate about twelve times slower than you are used to. When the movie finally comes to an end you realize that it felt like 18 hours has passed. As you walked out of the Theater you expected that all of your friends would by now be long gone as 18 hours would have been a long time to wait for you. Surely they should have warned you that the movie was going to last that long.  

 Picture by: Jimmy KucAj



Theater Two:

Your friend having entered Theater two and now being caught up in the mindset of a dog discovers his watch to be ticking one and a half times as slow as usual and everything to be happening accordingly. This allows him more time to think and to see things happening relatively slower than he is used too. When the movie finally came to an end he perceived the movie to have been lasting for about 2 hours and 15 minutes.


Theater Three:

But then, your friend in Theater three from the minds-eye of a human is not impressed at all. After all everything in the movie seemed the same, so where is all the hype that everyone has been making such a big fuss about and as such remains a mystery to him. The only event that really seemed different was the very slow progress of the old lady and her husband that literally took ages to reach there seats at the bottom of the arena. Even his watch ticked away at a normal rate and as usual this movie also only lasted for about one and a half hours. As he walked out of the Theater he expected to see his friends displaying the same disappointments on their faces when they will appear any minute now.


Theater Four:

Your friend number four having entered Theater four of the elephant’s mind-eye experienced a totally different reality. The moment he walked in his watch literally started to tick much faster and it was extremely difficult for him to keep track of the events playing of so fast. Everything was just happening way too fast for him to appreciate. To him it was like watching a troubled hive of bees. The only thing of the whole movie that he appreciated was the old lady and her husband that seemed to walk down the steps at a normal rate as it’s supposed to be. Even the voices sounded like a recording been played back too fast. When the movie came to an end but much sooner than he expected it felt as if only about 45 minutes have passed. This was not a moment too soon as he was becoming very irritated at the fast movements which started to make him very aggressive. As he walked out of the Theater he expected to wait at least another 45 minutes for his friends to appear.


Back to reality.

But alas, all of the friends appeared from their different Theaters at the same moment of time which only contributed even more so to their confusion.

After all, how could it be possible for all of the friends to have experienced different durations of time in the movies but yet having taken the exact same time of one and a half hours outside the movies?


Einstein’s Curse.

Could it be that they have traveled in some of Einstein’s spacecrafts at different speeds without having realized it. I think not for the Theaters was stationery with their relative positions having nothing to do with any of this.

The finale will be when I introduce to you “Einstein’s Curse”.

This is the moment where you now have to make your decision.

Either you can choose to spend your time somewhere else or you could join me and Clayton on an incredible journey and get to learn the realities of time.

Even Einstein for the man who he was, always yearning for the truth, always embracing whichever came his way, would certainly have been the first to join us.

This is a journey where you will often find yourself to be completely lost.

Only through perseverance will you at some point or another, sooner for some than others, get to discover the inner compass of your mind leading you in the right direction.