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Let’s look at the following analogy.

Close your hand by making a fist which should take you about one second and at the same time wish that you could see all of the interactions of atomic matter in your hand.

Your wish is granted and you just gained supernatural microscopic vision and are now capable of looking at your hand at microscopic level. The only problem is that the electrons spin so fast and despite having vision at microscopic level everything appears to be solid and standing still. Then you remember that atomic matter literally spins at the speed of light which is why it appears to be standing still. So you wish for another supernatural ability, this time to allow you to slow down time. After a few attempts you just can’t understand why it doesn’t seem to work for the harder you try the more you fail.

After some careful consideration you eventually come to the conclusion that maybe you cannot wish for something that just is not possible, but then, would this mean that time does not exist or maybe that time cannot be altered in any way. If this is to be true then maybe you could think of another way to slow things down. Then you have that eureka moment and realize that the only way to slow things down might be to actually speed your mind up. So you wish once more, this time to accelerate your mind and not time itself and Walla, to your amazement it actually worked, you are now indeed capable of slowing things down, even the perception of time, as you now see the watch on your wrist running slower. But then how could this be possible, after all, if time is indeed a constant how come matter at microscopic level is moving literally at the speed of light but yet the universe at the macro level seems to be moving so slow. Well then, I guess we will just have to wait and see where this reality will lead us. You now wish to accelerate your mind to twice its normal functioning speed and to your amazement you realize that not only does it take your hand now twice as long to open, but your mind now also creates a different reality of the visual spectrum, the auditory, touch and all of your senses as well as encapsulating far less detail of your environment. As you gradually speed your mind up you realize that it takes you longer and longer to open and close your hand. You speed your mind up one thousand times and then realize that it now takes you 16.6 minutes to close your hand. At that moment the sun rises and you can actually see the light rays of the sun now looking totally different traveling across the sky at only about 300 kilometers per second consuming the darkness in front of it like a curtain being drawn open across the sky.

Then you quickly make some calculations as to how fast light would be traveling if you had to speed your mind up one million times. Your calculator reveals that it would take no less than about eleven and a half days for you to open your hand from the viewpoint of your mind and that light would now only be traveling at about 300 meters per second. Wanting to experience this you make your wish but alas, once more your wish is not granted making you wonder why. Have you finally run out of wishes or is it merely a wish that’s impossible, for surely if you could speed your mind up a thousand times, then why not a million times and more?

There is only one way to find out, so this time you wish for an answer as to why it might be impossible and Walla, in a flash the following message is displayed on your computer screen.

You should realize that even if it was possible for your mind, which it is not, to work a million times faster, then at the microscopic level the atoms would still be moving millions of times too fast for you to comprehend.

You also have to realize that you would no longer be capable of perceiving any of your realities that you are used to. You would be at the sub-cellular level where a totally different perspective exists. From this perspective a human is perceived from the viewpoint of a sub-cellular level to be lasting for millions of years as the solar system is perceived by humans to be lasting for millions of years and as such in turn an atom would perceive a sub-cellular level to be lasting for millions of years.

Working a million times faster your mind would have lost just about all of its computing power becoming once more nothing more than atomic matter.

You should also realize that even if it was possible to speed your mind up millions of times more to view the atoms movements at atomic level, you would have to become immortal for the duration at atomic level takes millions of time longer than how we perceive it at human level. Care should be taken as not to compare the human brain to a computer as where a computer can be accelerated to gain more computing power. This is a trap you should not walk into until such a time that you truly understand the realities of time and how it manifests in the mind hence the levels of consciousness of all matter.

If you could slow your mind DOWN by a factor of two, then this time round the speed of light would be perceived to be moving twice as fast with a day lasting only half as long as we perceive it from a human’s perspective. But then this would defy the very purpose of being human for you have just entered the level of realities experienced by an elephant. Only by slowing our minds down would we be capable of gaining supernatural computing capabilities. This would enable us to grasp other realities of such intensity not currently possible as well as seeing the galaxies literally coming to life from which perspective a century on earth would last but a few seconds yet no longer within the scope of a higher consciousness being like a virus. Such a higher level of consciousness is only attainable by means of the unification of those human consciousnesses that have attained the required level of awareness. At this level the speed of light would be transgressing a thousand fold faster making the duration of light traveling from galaxy to galaxy feel like mere split seconds almost like the neurons in our minds exchanging electrical signals. This by the way is how neurons perceive the electrical signals to be exchanged like taking an eternity.

When looking at Quantum Physics then this should make you realize just why the position of an electron is so unpredictable. It's like trying to predict the position of our planetary system in the universe a million years from now.


In conclusion;

Time is subjective to nothing, not even to itself and the perception thereof can only be altered by means of consciousness without which the universe will remain a vast empty space.

From the perspective of the atomic world, our level of existence for being the host to human transgression is transforming at such a slow rate, which makes our existence as meaningless as our very own perspective of the universe itself.

It’s for this very reason despite the fact that we indeed exists so slow and over a very long duration of time that we can only get to experience what we do by our perceptions of time being slowed down so enormously to create the illusion that we live as fast as we believe we do. This illusion can only be achieved in sequential steps starting off from the micro level upholding the next levels in succession each time imposing a slower reality but yet enabling a higher conscious awareness on the level above. Then finally on our level of existence a slower but more intensified level of existence containing much more substance is imposed on our conscious minds by way of our subconscious minds without which our realities would otherwise not have been possible. These actual long durations of time from the microscopic level is fused together into more meaningfully perceivable moments of which for example 25 such perceivable moments makes up the flicker fusion rate of our awareness which in total we perceive as one second.


Capacitance of Consciousness;

We could refer to this as the capacitance of consciousness across different levels of creation ranging from the micro to the macro each time in succession containing more and more consciousness hence a larger capacitance. This is quite evident in neurons discharging all across the brain only to create a higher unified awareness which we get to experience as our realities. But yet, within each and every neuron, there exists a vastness of other microscopic conscious entities responsible for that one unified electrical signal being discharged.

The more intelligent the specie becomes the more time needs to be fused together. This enables the conscious mind of the specie in question to do the necessary calculations to help it make sense of its environment. The more advanced and intelligent we become the more real units of time we will forfeit which are why the older we get the faster we sense time to pass. During the Stone Age humans perceived a day of a much longer lasting duration. Time is indeed a hefty price to pay for technological and intellectual advancement. The question to ask is, is it worth it? I don’t think so.